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Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

I got this book for Christmas and while the size of a complete encyclopedia, I can't wait to start making some of the recipes. I was wondering if anyone else bought this book and what they thought of it. It has a healthy mix of both vegetarian and vegan recipes, or recipes that can be made vegan (with the exception of the Eggs and Cheese section, though), and Bittman has very positive words about a vegetarian diet in the book's intro.

Tonight I am making the simple baked tofu with one of the BBQ sauce variations. I want to do the bourbon variation but I may just do the curry variation (I want to avoid having to go to th store today). I will share my results later!

I have this book too! I like the big intro. I get random veggies alot so if I get a veggies I don't know what to do with, I'll look it up in that book & it will give me ideas. I find a lot of the recipes are kindof bland for my taste though, so I don't really measure & follow them exactly, I just sortof use it as an idea guide.


The dish came out well! I ended up doing the beer variation of the Fast Down Home BBQ Sauce and added extra cracked black pepper. I covered each slab with sauce before baking, and flipped the tofu 30 minutes in and added more sauce. It was very good! I want to do the curry variation next time.

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