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Quintess' Radiant Health/Inner Wealth

So, since one of our fellow VWers has created her own awesome cookbook, I think we should dedicate a cookbook thread to it.  Whoever has ordered this book or tested recipes prior to the book's publication should contribute and maybe it will persuade others to order it and make quintess lots of $$$  ;D

So far, I've made:

Creamy Potato Leek Soup with Caramelized Scallions:  delicious!  Very smooth, great flavor, hearty but not heavy.  Wonderful with some homemade tofu sour cream drizzled in as a garnish!

Whole Multigrain Bread:  the best whole wheat bread I've ever made.  It rises great, has a nice texture, very healthy, and just plain tasty!  I would get the book just for this recipe!

Grandma's Apple Crisp:  mmmm....I love apple crisp!  I added some more margarine and about a 1/2 cup of rolled oats to the "crumb" mixture.  Was very yummy!

Note from editor: The compilation of reviews for RHIW can be found on page 2 of this thread: Official review for Radiant Health Inner Wealth

Hi Quintess,

I just ordered a copy.  I'm really excited to get it! 

Thanks!! Also, it's good that you waited--the new edition is much better (and cheaper too!)!!  ;)b
I'll look forward to hearing how you like the book!


I got my book today!  Yay!  I'm so excited!  :)


OK, Ive been making and trying a lot of stuff from this. My friend who has this book makes a lot of the recipes too, so a few of these I've just tried and not actually made myself, but here are my opinions:

Love bug parfaits-YUM!!! I love the strawberry sauce that went with this. I would eat this as a dessert it's so delish, but it still felt healthy enough for breakfast.

googy granola-I made this to use with the parfaits. I had no idea homemade granola was so easy to make! This was really tasty and we loved it, but you have to be so careful not to burn it (I learned the hard way!!) It's also just fun to read how she writes the recipes with lots of humor, my bf and I are always cracking up reading this book.

Apple puffs with Vanilla Bean caramel sauce-Holy shit! I died and went to heaven. My friend tasted the sauce when I made it and loved it, so she made this dessert. It seemed really easy to make but it was incredible. I am going to make this for when I have really special dinners!

Four Flavors dressing-I love sesame, so I tried this. It was SO GOOD! Thick, emerald green, and so flavorful. I would put this on anything.

Green Bread-We made up a ton of this spread and are keeping it in the freezer to use anytime. It works great and it's really the best garlic bread EVER.

Dolmadas-My friend made these, and they're some of the best grape leaves I've ever tried. Really flavorful but not as greasy as the ones at most hfs.

Asian Asparagus Wraps-My friend had some leftover phyllo from the apple puffs so she made these. Asparagus is one of my favorite foods, so this recipe is now on my top fave list! Really good and impressive!

Got Dressing-I made this because I noticed it had lots of my favorite ingredients (tahini, ginger...). It did not disappoint. Now I am craving this dressing on everything! It's even better (and I'm sure healthier) than the tahini-ginger sauce I've had in fancy restuarants.


I made the Thai Tofu & Tropical Fruit Salad.....loved it, loved it, loved it!  :)>>>    Having fruit for supper was interesting and cool.  I had some papaya and cut back on the pineapple, used red pepper flakes, and the store was out of shallots but onions worked well.  I didn't have an peanuts or coconut to garnish.  I bet the coconut would have made it super awesome.  I'm having rouble finding unsweetened coconut, but am going to the HSF tomorrow to look.  (I also served it the portabellos from the Vegan Table).


I made the Thai Tofu & Tropical Fruit Salad.....loved it, loved it, loved it!  :)>>>    Having fruit for supper was interesting and cool.  I had some papaya and cut back on the pineapple, used red pepper flakes, and the store was out of shallots but onions worked well.  I didn't have an peanuts or coconut to garnish.  I bet the coconut would have made it super awesome.  I'm having rouble finding unsweetened coconut, but am going to the HSF tomorrow to look.  (I also served it the portabellos from the Vegan Table).

Ha! I'd have thought you'd be digging into all the Indian recipes first, Tweety! Glad you liked that recipe so much though!

Also, this may interest anyone who has my book: By popular request, I've compiled a list of my personal favorite recipes. Although I didn't include any recipes in my book that I didn't think were top notch, I of course do have my preferences! So, JUST FOR FUN, I've put that list at:

Thanks for reviewing the recipes, everyone!! ;)b


I have the new edition of this and have been cooking LOTS of recipes! IT's my new favorite cookbook! Here are the latest ones I've tried:

Edamame miso dip-Yum! I couldn’t find black sesame crackers, but the regular kind worked fine. This dip was really delicious, and reminded me of sharp cheese. I wouldn’t change a thing, it was so good!

Lemon cilantro pakoras-OMG! Freakin amazing. I made these for guests (I did an Indian dinner with recipes from this book) and they were gone so fast. Everyone was so impressed and said they were the best pakoras they’d ever tried!

Aloo Gobi Chole-I can’t believe I made this at home! No one else could believe it either. The author says to adjust it with less potatoes if you want it thinner, which I did. I like “runny” curries. So I left out a little bit of the potatoes. It was perfect! So rich and delicious. Everyone was really impressed that I actually made this!

Indian Kuchumber Salad-I made this to go along with my Indian dinner. It was quick and easy to make and so delicious. I’ve had this in Indian restaurants and this is the best version I’ve ever tried! I’m so excited to be able to make this at home!

Cilantro Chutney Elixir-This was so fresh tasting and flavorful. It wasn’t the same as what I’ve had in Indian restaurants because I think they use lots of dairy. But I think I actually like this version better. Plus, it was still really authentic-Indian tasting and everyone loved it! Also really easy to make (just swirl in a food processor) and felt so healthy to me.

Thai spinach nests-Really, really tasty and flavorful! So healthy too, and easy to make.

Ful mudhamas-I made these because I needed a quick meal and had all of the ingredients. They were surprisingly delicious, and I followed the recipe exactly. I will be making these like every week from now on. Perfect.

Creamy Polenta-I’ve always avoided homemade polenta because it seemed like such a pain to make. But this recipe is so easy and quick. The results were fabulous too, really smooth and rich. Everyone who ate this was raving and thought I’d spent hours making it! Ha!

Coconut-Lime Rice-Another winner! Really delicious and super flavorful. I love all of the complex, bold flavors in this. So good.

Spinach-Strawberry Salad-I decided to make this because of the beautiful picture in the insert. It was really easy to make and had tons of flavor. I will be making this again and again, really wonderful.


I just made the Thai Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce. They were the best spring rolls I've ever had, no joke. This recipe is worth its weight in gold! Also the best peanut sauce I've ever tried too. I was tempted to omit ingredients from the sauce, but I ended up making it exactly according to the instructions. SO glad I did! Totally worth it, really amazing, rich flavor.

Also made the lemon-poppyseed muffins. They rose really well and were super delicous. Definitely a keeper!


A happy lil' note for anyone who bought the FIRST edition of Radiant Health, Inner Wealth:

I wanted to let you know that I'd be glad to send you a PDF of my 2nd edition. It's so much nicer than the first (much longer index, updated recipes, more sections & recipes, etc.). If you send me your e-mail address, I can send it to you. Of course, this is just for people who already have the 1st edition.  ;)b

...The perfectionist in me hates to think people aren't using the improved version!! ::)

p.s. Thanks for all the reviews, VegShari! :)


BP, I don't have a file with just the new's just that so many of the other recipes are updated as well. Can you open a 10MB file? If so, I'll send you the pdf. Also, you can refer to this thread to check out which recipes are new (I listed them for AC on the previous page).


I made the Easy and addictive eggplant "chips" this weekend with some eggplant from the farmer's market. They were SO GOOD!!!! :D Really easy to make too. I love how simple they were to make, but how totally delicious the results were. I can see why quintess says you could eat a whole eggplant this way! I could have kept eating these forever!


I made Deluxe Almond Veggie Burgers.  They were really good.  My parents and I really liked the texture, although I forgot to add the rice (i cooked it, then forgot about it.  don't ask...).  I fried them the first time and was surprised at how well they held together...really soft though.  I baked the second batch and think I like them better baked.  They were obviously a little drier that way, but it's just a personal preference.  We also had Oven Fries.  Yum...I love french fries and I really like the spices in this recipe.  Perfect with lots of ketchup!


For lunch yesterday, I made the Chili-Lime Noodles and Chili-Ginger Cabbage.
The noodles: These were INCREDIBLE!! I figured they'd be really good, but OMFG. They were like the best noodles ever. I will be making these all of the time. I also like how the author says they're so good for you and why. I actually felt good about eating these delicious noodles! The instructions made me laugh out loud too!
The cabbage: This dish was also really delicious. So full of flavor, and I felt really good about eating it! I love all of the matchstick pieces of ginger in there and the combination of flavors was spot on. A keeper.


I have yet to order a Vegan cookbook.... this thread is making me drool :D I'm going to order this book tomorrow when I get my check....this book looks awesome...can't wait


You should, potatohead! It's my fave cookbook for sure.

Today, I made the Shiitake, walnut, and dried cranberry salad and Mommo's DLT sandwich for lunch.
The salad: Really really yummy! Easy to make and the flavor combo was really divine. I will be making this again for company and special events. It's also good for everyday, though cuz it's quick and easy.
DLT: I made this because I had all of the ingredients on hand and just wanted something quick and satisfying. I would have never thought to use dulse this way, but it was great! So quick and healthy, I love it!


I made the Caramelized banana bliss bombs for dinner last night. They were AMAZING!! I had made up the sauce a few days earlier, so it only took me a few minutes last night to put this dessert on the table. Really quick and easy, but oh so impressive! I also didn't feel like a fata*s eating it! It was really light, but everyone was moaning at how good it was. Can't wait to make this again for a special dinner!


I saw a recipe for buffalo chicken sandwiches on vegweb and wanted to make them today, but I was out of vegenaise. So, I grabbed this book and made the Creamy mayo to play dead for. The recipe was so fun to read and really talked me through all the steps. I was nervous at first cuz it was kind of runny, but it firmed up quickly in the fridge, just like she said it would. The taste is phenomenal and I love that it's HOMEMADE! No soy, so I can serve it to anyone. It has a really addictive flavor and now I can't wait to use it on everything. YUM.


I just got this book! Last night I made the Krazy kale chips with some kale I got at the farmer's market. They were really addicting and easy to make. I could eat them all day, every day! Great flavor!


Hearing quintess talk about spring rolls on twitter made me want to try some more of her spring roll recipes. So, this week i tried these:

vietnamese spring rolls: Wow, talk about flavor! I am absolutely addicted to these now. but that is fine because they make me feel great when I eat them! they are really light and full of antioxidants and great ingredients. I have a new favorite food.

southwest spring rolls: these required you to make up a sauce before making the spring roll, because the sauce is right there in the wrap. But really, they were very easy to make. The green chili sauce did only take me 9 minutes to make, just as she promised! And this was a very unusual blend of flavors, but very very good! Kind of like a fiesta in your mouth!

91/2 minute green chili sauce: I made this to put in the southwest spring rolls. It really did only take about 9 minutes to make and was so, so flavorful. Our family has been a little under the weather this week, and I feel like this recipe (as with quintess' other recipes I tried this week) are acting as good medicine to improve our health. Oh, and this was delicious! I will be using this on all of my Mexican food from now on.


For dinner tonight, I wanted something really simple and non-fattening so I made the Moroccan Quinoa and Anna's Zucchini. They were both really easy to make but really, really good! I had never used that exact technique with zucchini, it was so simple but really tasty. The quinoa had a really wonderful flavor, especially since it's a "green" recipe (lowfat, ultra-healthy). I love all of the contrasting spices and flavors, so yummy!! I will be making a staple out of both from now on!


I made the Chocolate Decadence Cake and it was absolutely wonderful.  I am honestly not a cake fan, but I ended up eating the entire cake by myself (over the course of a week though :P).  I couldn't get enough of it.  Not too sweet and not too rich.  I can't wait to make this cake again, but I need lots of company to entertain so that I don't consume the entire thing by myself again!



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