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Vegan Bites Recipes for Singles

I just won this book on vegweb can anyone recommend/ review some of the recipes?

The "unchicken tofu salad" is exceptionally good.  I served it over a bed of fresh spinach leaves and enjoyed it.  Very unique taste.

Nothing unique about the "bandito burritos" but they were very good.  I love Tex-Mex food.


I am thinking of purchasing this book for myself.  amymylove and tweety, is the book good enough to buy?


I dunno... i tried the maple mustard pasta salad and ended up throwing it out :( i will try more recipes though and let u know... the recipes aren't too difficult to make though so that is a plus :)

here are some pic's i used different veggies:

this is after i tried to fix it by adding some "mayo" and tomatoes which helped but still not that great


I made both the pico de Gallo and the chunky guacamole - both were quite easy, and nothing new or exciting, but very good.  The guac was so good, I ate the whole batch in one sitting with corn torillas.  But I figure since they are "recipes for singles" I wasn't being too greedy.

bayou Beans and Greens - another quick and easy meal.  I used some kale I got from the CSA and it was delish over some whole wheat penne pasta

breaded tofu tenders - good, but probably would have been better fried in olive oil instead of baked.  I had a lot of the "breading" left, not sure why, but I could have made two more pounds with the amount I had.  


super size stuffed mushrooms - very good, but didn't hold up well as it was on the dry side, probably would have been better with some water, olive oil, or margarine added right before stuffing to moisten it up.  But since I was eating alone, it didn't bother me that it fell apart because it was so good.


bean bag soup - Pretty good basic soup....I used veggie broth instead of water and doubled the amount of beans choosing black beans.  It's seasoned with orgeno, basil, and thyme.  I added a half a jalapeno for heat.  The writer gives a lot of leeway for thickening it up and I used collard greens and whole grain pasta. 

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