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Vegan Lunchbox Cookbook

The vegan lunchbox cookbook is now available:

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I LOVE YOU for posting this!
And I love you JENNIFERSHMOO!! going to buy one NOW


This looks like an interesting cookbook. The cookbook cover says the recipes are for grownups as well as children, but various descriptions of the book only mention recipes being suitable for children. Anyone that owns or has seen this cookbook have any comments on that? Bento-style lunches are great and the more ideas the better, but I'm not particularly interested in the "cutesy" ideas, so am curious what type of recipes and ideas this book has.


I have VL ARound the World, and it seems to me that the recipes aren't so cutesy. It's nutritious food that children will like, but most of the cutesy of it is from presentation. You could simply not make things into the shapes of flowers/faces/rainbows etc.


Thanks for the reply Courth. The VL Around the World sounds like a great cookbook. I think I'll buy this one first.


i just got the lunchbox around the world one... it has a lot of good looking recipes i can't wait to try though i tried the nacho cheese dip stuff and it tasted like crap so i am pretty bummed hopefully my next choice will turn out better

ok so the recipe from VLBATW was Nacho Cheese Dip


On Nachos:


I have the vegan lunchbox and I didn't like the cheeszy cauliflower soup, it was bland.  I haven't made much more from it....the goldfish crackers from her site are yummy though


I have recently given this book another try,

the Sweet Cornbread came out great!!!! And it was very easy.

The Aloo Samosas were aright, they have promise, I may have to "tweak them" a little more to make them crisper, but that just comes with baking/vs. frying things in general

I want to try her refried black beans tonight


I recently borrowed this book from the library. It's oddly arranged with the menus first, including lots of information on ingredients randomly thrown in, followed by the recipes. The odd arrangement is in a system somewhat based on how much effort it takes to make them.

The menus are great and very helpful when decided what to pair with what to make a decently balanced meal. I really liked her ideas on what to combine together. Very creative. The descriptions that go along with each menu are really great reading too. There's loads of information about different ingredients like what they are, where to buy them, how to use them, etc. that is very useful, but the information would be hard to find unless you just happen to be looking at that particular menu. I also find it a bit annoying that the recipes mentioned in the menus are in a different section of the book.

That small quibble aside, this seems to be a a great cookbook and menu planner for lunches on the go. It's full of ideas of what to pack to keep out of the same old rut of boring sandwiches. And it's definitely not just for children. Anyone would enjoy most of these meals.

I've put this one on my wishlist. Also can't wait to see the Around the World version. I still think I'll like that one even more.

I'm sorry the nacho cheese dip didn't taste good, Amymylove, but your picture of the nachos looks delicious! I even have some of those same Corelle dishes around here.

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