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Vegan with a Vengeance Recipes

I thought perhaps it would be a good idea to start one central thread here for VWAV recipe reviews.  There seem to be a bunch of threads on individual recipes, but I think it would be easier to have all of the reviews in one place.

Last night, I made Isa Pizza, which I've made several times before, and it was fabulous as always.  I had to cook my pizza in a toaster oven as I haven't had a working oven for a while now (too long!!), and it came out beautifully.  I just love this pizza.  The combination of the pesto and tofu ricotta is sooo tasty.  If you haven't made this, what are you waiting for?  Go make this awesome pizza now!

The Oatmeal Banana Raisin Waffles...pure heaven in the morning! My entire family loved them! So sweet  & moist!


The Broccoli Chickpea Casserole made everyone quite happy on Christmas day!!! I loved this and enjoyed it for days as leftovers!


I made the Banana Split Brownies from VwaV and they were outstanding! However, I did not want the banana frosting and just made the brownies part and let me tell you, they were the moistest brownies I have ever had in my entire life! I loved them so much! I could have eaten then all in one sitting! Then I decided to share with everyone...they loved them equally as much as I did...I even ate mine with Trader Joe's Vanilla Soy Ice Cream, cut up bananas & Extra Chocolate Sauce!


made some yummy scones + berries from Vegan with a Vengeance. They were wonderful! a bit bland, but everyone loved them at the "vegan breakfast for dinner potluck"!! I would add more sugar next time.



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