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NancyK, a better biscuit experience!

I made biscuits again today & they came out much, much better!! They still are not quite what I would like, but the improvement from last week in incredible!!

I used VWAV biscuit recipe on page 26. I bought fresh baking powder. I used vegan buttermilk* & upped the recipe to 3/4 cup from 2/3 cup. To make the buttermilk, I poured 2 Tablespoons minus 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice in the bottom of a measuring cup. I topped off to 3/4 cup with soy milk & let sit for about 5 mins.

Oh, & next time I'm going to cut the flour by about 1/3 cup & substitute All Season Blend from the Uncheese Cookbook.

*Thanks to Robin for that very useful vegan substitution!  ;)

Here's the full 1 cup version:

2 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice - pour into bottom of 1 cup measuring cup. Top off with soy milk

Thanks Lezly!!! Excellent idea about putting some All Season Blend in there! I will try this recipe either this week or over the weekend. I've been wanting biscuits ever since you first mentioned them last week. MMMM...warm biscuits...dripping with Earth Balance...  :D


Lezly, check out this post on VWaV about the biscuits.

I'm going to try that recipe and see how it is.  Thanks for posting your modifications.

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