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No Vegetarian Meal Options on Flights?? (A.K.A. American Airlines sucks!)

Apparently American Airlines does not offer vegetarian meal options on "short-haul" flights, even if those flights have meals. When I called to request a vegan meal they never told me this, so I was a bit shocked when my only options were "chicken or beef" on my Guayaquil-Miami flight :|

I asked the purser on the flight for a meal voucher to use in the airport and she said no, then I complained via e-mail and was basically told "tough shit." I've never heard of such a thing, has anyone else had a similar experience??

I have heard the whole "no such request was made" in the past, which is why I always call at least twice and then confirm again with the ticket agent at the airport. (Admittedly on this flight I used a kiosk to check in.. still.) But I've never been told that no special meal requests are available for a flight that serves everyone else. The whole situation pissed me off and makes me never want to fly American again.

Agreed. But I don't think it's only American. And a lot of flights don't have ANY meal option anymore.  And when they do have them, often they are pretty gross, like the one I had this summer on Continental.

I always bring food for my family on flights. Favorites are pb&j (with pb on both sides of the bread and jelly in the middle so they don't get soggy) and chikn nuggets or patties.  Both of those hold up rather well to being jostled and a rather lengthy period of no refrigeration.


You have to call and specifically request a vegetarian or vegan meal or they won't have an option for you. Never bothered doing that with shorter flights, >6 hours, but I'm sorry to hear about your experience. As a semi-frequent traveler, I know to bring my own food or starve.


That they'd take your request, even though they had no intention to honor it is a good reason for me to never fly American.  Based on their attitude, I bet they do that for a lot of things and not just meals.  American also has one of the highest lost luggage rates.


Yeah I was just shocked they wouldn't even offer special meal requests when everyone else would be eating, it can't be too much more expensive for them, can it? It definitely tainted my opinion of them, won't be flying American again.


It's not just American! You request a vegan meal, on any major airline, and you'lll get it for the long flight legs (maybe) - the ones that involve crossing an ocean. But "short" flights (say, only 4 or 5 hours) they promise you a special meal & pretend it was an accident that you didn't get it. (I finally had a flight attendant fess up after this had happened more times than I could count). It has happened to me on nearly every major carrier - both American &int'l. They all do it. Pack some good snacks.


If you can...because since 9/11 and other attacks so many airlines have so many restrictions, taking your own snacks may not be doable. I know it isn't on European airlines. No water in bottles (except for babies, and even then they check it), no shampoos or cream rinse in your carryon luggage, no food. Which of course means you are limited to airline/airport food, which you pay for handsomely.

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