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So I am heading out to Seattle for a little over a week soon and have all my guide books from the library but was looking for a few local recommendations from those of you who have been. So what is worth a visit? Any vegan food spots you could recommend? I plan on spending sometime hiking and a few days exploring the city?

Thanks in advance for taking your time to answer the post!


there is a thread under events that many people have made recommendations on.
you can find it HERE


we always take our guests out to hike on snoqualamie.  it's not a super hike or anything, but the waterfall is beautiful.  :)

raw : chaco canyon (not just raw, but lots of cool raw cuisine... i love it!)
vegan bakery: flying apron
asian: vegan garden, bamboo garden, teapot vegetarian house
indian: pabla indian cuisine (vegetarian with vegan options)

we use to find new places to try!  it includes ratings and reviews.

here's seattle:

you can use it to search pretty much any area.

have fun!
i live in renton which is right outside of seattle.

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