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What's your favorite San Fran vegan eatery?!?!

Hey there everybody!

We are travelling to San Francisco tomorrow and I have notified my SO that I intend to do some major eating while we are there ;)
I have never been, so I was hoping that some of you have had some wonderful meals at some really delish vegan restaurants that you can tip me off to. Nice dinners, bakeries, cafes, breakfast places - any hints/suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
Also, does anyone have a link to a vegan eat/travel guide/search?
I will let you all know what we had when I get back in a week! :-*
Thanks, and peace...

Millenium!... pricey but delish!  Here is the link..

Here's another good veggie site for San Francisco.  They have ratings and such of the veggie restaurants in the city as well as some upcoming veggie events...

Bring an umbrella if you are coming soon... it's been rainy and is supposed to be rainy for another week or so with a break on Wednesday... that's cool though.  You'll love it here!

Have fun!


If you like ice cream, you must go to Maggie Mudd's.  It's so much better than any other non-dairy ice cream i've ever had.  My favorite was I got a vegan sundae of pecan praline ice cream and chocolate peanut butter ice cream with vegan marshmallow, fudge and oreo-type crumbles on it.  Yummmy, I miss that place so much.  They also have vegan waffle sundaes, brownie sundaes, shakes, banana splits...


yes, i definitely agree with the above posts. throw down for millennium! you won't regret it.

Herbivore is also really good for something a little less expensive. Be advised that the Divisadero location is currently closed for remodeling, but the one on Valencia is open.

And i highly recommend going to Jays Cheesesteaks. They have all the regular meat options (so it's a good place for mixed groups), but they also serve Seitan cheesesteaks that are really delish. mmmm!!

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