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Word verification not showing

Hi all, I'm trying to post a comment but the word verification image will not show. I've tried submitting and seeing if it would show (like the help text suggests), reloading the page, closing the browser and returning to the page, changing browsers, and searching online. Apparently this is an issue for at least one other member on the facebook page. 

Oddly enough, it does show up here.

I thought I'd post in here to see if anyone (maybe the staff peoples?) could help out. Thank you. 

I've never been asked to do word verification in order to post here. Just click "Post Comment" and that should do it.


Hi Caroline! Are you still having this issue? You should be good to go! 


Hi!I also had this problem where the word verication was missing and I think its stil missing when I try to post.At least on my account.Not sure why?

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