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All of you who are contemplating asking for medical advice, please read this:

Go to the doctor.

Get your tests done.  If you want to interrogate your doctor about the medicine s/he prescribes, go ahead, but they do know more about your body than you do, from a biological standpoint.


Most of us are not doctors and all we can do is commiserate and tell you anecdotes, or provide health advice of highly varied nature and accuracy.  Yes, a doctor might misdiagnose you, might have preconceptions that you don't like or that are inaccurate... but your chances are a lot better there than with a forum group.  Yes, even this one.

And you are at risk of illness.  Yes, even with YOUR lifestyle and wellness practices.

With things like testing for common cancers (and one in four women or thereabouts will have cancer during their lives in the U.S.), you must get over the squick and go do it.  You will hopefully never have a cause to be glad you did... but there's a something-like-25% chance that it can save your life to do it.

Sorry to throw out a semi-irrelevant rant, but it has to be said to a lot of us... I've been noticing and quietly building an ulcer worrying about you particularly at-risk doctor-avoiders.

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