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diabetes and vegan low fat diet

Any one here is diabetes or pre-diabetes on Dr. Neal Bernard's vegan low fat diet actually lower or reverse the disease?

I am pre-diabetes.  Even I am a vegan but eat all the wrong food.  My blood sugar creeping up year after year.  My doctor orders me on south beach diet which I turned down because I am vegan.  She later told me to be on nutri system vegetarian diet that I am on only for two week but has to add back in small amount of the egg and dairy.  I do lose weight. 

I believe there is a way to be a vegan and beat diabetes and I found this program.  Just want to know if anyone successful with it. I want to make my way back to be a vegan.

also is there a soymilk is fat free and unsweetened?  I can't seem to find one.  It either fat free or plain unsweetened! 

To address your last question in your post,

I like the Westsoy brand of soymilk which is plain and lowfat. It tastes good with my cereal, bakes well in my cookie recipes and dissolves well in my coffee.


i'm not diabetic, but can offer info on something i have read:

dr fuhrman's book "eat to live" talks about weight loss and the reversing of diabetes. i am not familiar with dr. bernard's program but eat to live is really doable as a vegan. he focuses on high nutrient foods (veggies mostly) and his book is an interesting read. it would be worth checking out! he has a website also that you can check out. i know a few people on here follow his diet (to various degrees-- unless i'm confusing vegweb with something else).

You may be thinking of the Fat Free Vegan forum.  It has discussion forums just for "Eat to Live" and the McDougall plan diets.  I don't read in there very often but from a quick glance at the board, the forum are not dead just not very active. 


Does it run in your family?


Thank you for all the input.  I will check out the eat to live.  It is run in my family. My father is diabetes.


my son is diabetic and we  recently began dr. bernards program,so far so good he has lost 12 lbs.we have totally eliminated all animal products. It is a challenge,I wish his book had more recipes but I have found this site to be a great help with recipes.Good luck


Hi there!

I know this an old post but I want to reply. I am vegan and just found out I am diabetic too. I am glad to find someone else who has this happen to them that is vegan. I feel very alone. I also ate many of the wrong things (too much white bread and pasta and not enough exercise). It also runs in my family and they all develop it around the same age as me (40).

I am having a hard time figureing out what to eat now! Ugh. Not like the vegan diet wasn't restrictive enough. Now I have to do this! I can't believe it.

Anyhow, I have been reading Gabriel Cousens book on diabetes and it is very interesting. Although I don't want to be completly raw and would like to have some variety with some cooked vegan dishes. Esp. for breakfast since most fruit is out.

I hoping Dr. Bernards book will help me figure what I can eat now and to figure out a meal plan. I have that stupid meter but I don't want to be addicted to it.


i would stay away from gabriel cousins. if you are interested in raw you should adopt a low fat plan like 80/10/10, it sounds counter-intuitive because of all of that fruit, but with little fat in your system blood sugar spikes are rarely an issue, anymore.


Try not to think of the meter as being an addiction. It is very useful to a diabetic (I have been one for over 20 years). I follow DR. Barnard's  cancer prevention plan which is very similar to his diabetic plan. I have been vegan for over a year and a half. I have gotten completely off the fast acting insulin & have cut the long acting insulin to about a quarter of what I use to take. Low fat is the key & oodles of vegetables. My quarterly A1C test has been well within normal since I have changed my eating habits. I still check my blood sugars 3-4 times a day. It is very easy to not get enough carbs. If your blood sugar drops too low there are all kinds of unpleasant symptoms. Weakness, sweats, & the feeling you just got run over by a truck. I am looking forward to the day when I will be insulin free. If you watch the fat & bread & pasta intake I think you'll see a big improvement in your meter testing.

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