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Do I Need B12 Vitamins?

Wasnt sure where to put this question
This is my second post as a newbie so Im putting it in this forum. ;D

Im a brand new vegetarian & for the time being will be eating eggs & dairy.  Do I need to take vitamin  B12 in pill form?

Just out of curiosity -
What brand multivitamin do ya'all take?  
What brand of B12 pills/vitamins are good for vegans/veg?

I currently dont take multivitamins Thanks so much

Not if you're eating animal products.

When you become vegan, you'll want to supplement B12.  Here's a thread where people have discussed what they take  -->  Seriously, take a B12 supplement!


yeah i do supplements after some blood tests told me that i was deficient.
i was also advised to try some products that are fortified w/ b12 (soy milk, cereals, etc).

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