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Hair and nails?

Since my return to vegetaria I notice my hair and nails grow faster and are stronger than they ever have been. I've never been able to let my nails grow because they would bend, and they grew soooo slowly. Now they grow like mad! Has anyone else noticed this? Or would it be that my return to vegetaria has also coincided with the runup to menopause--which hasn't started but I have all the "fun" symptoms--and this is partly hormonal?
Any feedback, ladies?

yeah, my hair and nails grow really fast, really, like you described...ear length to well below shoulder in 8 months
I've gone through early menopause (trying to reverse it with treatment)--but my doctor also attributes the later to my strenuous running habits

Never heard of going through early menopause at 25 can you still have children or no?

No, Gotskates, you can't. That's what menopause means--you stop getting your periods. Which means there would be nothing for the baby to live on in the uterus; therefore, no more pregnancy.


Boy am I happy to see all these responses that link faster hair growth to veg*n diet!  I have to take some pretty nasty medicines for my arthritis and they slowed my hair growth tremendously.  Having gone totally vegetarian, I was pescetarian up until about 3 months ago, I've been able to slightly reduce two of my medications and completely give up the third (yay me).  Perhaps the combination of diet and lower doses will help my hair growth??  I hope so.  I had to cut it relatively short recently to get rid of an old perm and I've been so afraid it would take years to grow back....or not grow back at all!   



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