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Hair loss

I've been vegan for a little over a year now and I'm having problems with my hair.


When I went vegan I had a 4 month old baby and was in the middle of my postpartum hair loss that I have experienced after each pregnancy. Normally by a year later my hair has started coming back in thicker and returning to normal but at this point I am still either losing hair or it isn't growing back in.


My stylist said that diet changes can cause hairloss but that once your body adjusts usually things will balance back out. 


Has anyone else experienced problems with hair loss after being vegan for awhile? I have had my thyroid and other blood levels checked and they are all normal. I'm worried I am missing something dietarily. 


Not liking being bald. :(

I've struggled with hair loss too but becoming vegan has actually helped it. part of my problem was anemia. I wasn't getting enough Iron. might I also suggest to try and get some vitamin suppliments. the B vitamins are good for your hair. make sure you take B12 and also biotin. hope it helps

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hi! I have been expieriencing the same problem. I used to have thick thick hair. I went vegan about a month ago and recently everytime i run my fingers through my hair, lots of strands come out. more than usual! Eek! It has gotten thinner as well. 


I disagree with your stylist. The change in diet does not affect hair loss. And you turn to vegan and it is a good thing for hair grow. The hair loss is common after pregnancy and most of the women looses hair after pregnancy. So, it does not relate to diet. I can suggest you to use sani-555 for hair treatment for 12 weeks. It is a good and effective solution to stop hair fall.


Hair loss is massively complicated. Go see a hair specialist.


My wife and I have done some research on hair loss for me and we found that most commercial hair products can be apart of the problem. We have cut way down on our use of shampoo, even myself going without. Baking soda can clean your hair as well as any product and you can use apple cider vinger or lemon juice as conditioner. These products are much safer and won't leave a residue. You may experiance some greasiness at first if you cut down or eliminate shampoo. I would definately suggest looking into no poo options. It has helped me.


There are many causes of hair loss.  Lack of iron in diet (should not be a problem as a vegan if you include lots of leafy greens, dried beans, molasses, soy products), lack of omega 3 fatty acids (not a problem if you include walnuts, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds or almond butter, avocado, seaweeds etc in diet), thyroid problems, eating way too little in general, hormonal changes (not only pregancy but menopause or birth control pills etc), environmental toxins, and the list goes on.  I also agree that many commercial shampoos dry out your hair and make it worse too.  I have been shampoo free for over 2 1/2 years and just use vinegar, pure essential oils, pure vegetable soap and water.  I threw out my hair spray the day I went vegan.

I have a full thick head of hair and it has never been an issue with me.  My Mom on the otherhand lost half her head when she tried to go vegan.  However, she was way too restrictive with her diet, cutting out gluten, soy, nut/seeds, etc and not replacing these foods with other substitutes that provide the same nutrition.  It did help her to take a vegan dha/epa supplement (derived from seaweed instead of fish).  She also tends to eat a lot of junk and processed food.  If you stick to a whole foods diet and eat a variety, not the same things every day, you will be fine.  I do know that a lot of vegans are anti fats and oils.  For me, especially being so active, I need some fat in my diet.  I don't use a lot of oil, but I do incorporate some nuts and seeds and avocado and coconut (not the oil but the whole plant) in my diet and it has made a world of difference with my hair, nails, etc  They were fine before but they are even better now.  I have to trim my nails far more often than I used to.

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