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I have never really been active, never played sports in school or for fun all I have done is walk my dog but I just joined a gym and I love it. I have been doing a lot of jogging on the treadmill and other cardio and I also swim.  I have also been biking more for all my errands close by. I was thinking of sticking with my more active lifestyle and set a goal for myself - run the Mini-Marathon in Indianapolis.

The only thing is I need some advice on what's best to train for such an event it is in May but I want to start now. So any Marathon runners out there want to suggest some sort of regiment.

Dunno.  I haven't run in a race.  Actually, I don't run out of a race, either.  Treadmills and outdoors are different.  Maybe start running outdoors on weekends or when you have time and see where you're at.


Thanks for the link. I have always wanted to run like outside but I live in a suburb so I am a wee bit self conscious until I am a little bit better at it. I mainly have been doing cardio stuff at the gym to get my heart and lungs used to physical activity. Ever since I was a kid if I ever run or do something that made me breath hard I would get a sharp pain in my right lung which when I was born had a hole in it.


How far is this mini-marathon??  I would definitely try doing your long run outside.  Like Sat/Sun morning or something.  Also, you can google a free training plan based on how far the distance the race is.  For treadmill runs, I always up the incline to 1-1.5% to mimic outdoor conditions when I can't get outside due to weather.


Hi WhiteApple!

That's great! Happy to hear you are working out regularly and enjoying it! Please check back  in and let us know how long this race is in May like lauren asked. Also, what distance are you up to on the treadmill currently and how many days a week do you currently run? The runner's world website was a great suggestion, they have a lot of training plans for all distances and ability levels on there.

I'm sorry to hear you are self conscous about running outside. Ask aorund the gym if anyone knows of any running clubs in the area that would welcome beginner runners. Running with others makes it much more enjoyable, especially in the beginning.

I fyou get a sharp pain in your lung, you are probably pushing yourself too hard. Slow down, even walk for a minute or two if you have to. Most cardio, especially for a beginner should be done at a pace where you can talk without gasping for air.


Well it's been a while since I first posted this forum topic. I am not sure how long after I posted this that I kind of gave up partly because I was trying out raw veganism and didn't do it right - not enough calories and not enough iron, and school got tough for a while, and winter came and I was thrown into a depressive episode from it.

But the story does not not stop there. I learned more about raw veganism and I experimented more with a high raw diet and I have been around 80-100% raw since around christmas time. I started going to the gym again every day because that was my new year's resolutions. I am now hooked on fitness and I love it the raw diet is my biggest motivator for going everyday now.

I do plan on running a half marathon but not the mini-marathon/ 500 festival run/ whatever the name is because it's sort of a big thing here and you have to qualify for it and all that jazz so I am going to another local half-marathon that is a bit more low key and not as popular. There's a few in the area, the first is May 22 (?) and hopefully I can be trained enough to run it by then.

When I first posted this I actually wasn't running that much but now I have been and I can actually run 3 miles without stopping, and I have done interval training and some strength training. I believe more in myself now then in September of last year when I first posted this.

Oh yes I saw that I said I was self conscious about running outside, well my whole outlook on life has changed with some lifestyle changes since the whole raw food and fitness works so well at battling my depression and anxiety. I would run outside now but it's like 20 degrees out. I keep saying to myself first 40 degree day I am running outside.

Well there you go!


I'm running the Indy Mini is May! Anyone else????? We should meet up and find some good food!


That's great!!

Currently I run 5K's........I just started running again actually a few months ago.  As soon as I get my competitive 5K time down to about 20 minutes I will start working on running 10K's and half marathon's.  Currently my 5K time is about 25 minutes.  I'm probably about 3-6 months from getting it down to 20.

My weekly training consists of this:

Monday:  Long run (5 miles plus)
Tues:      Yoga or Pilates
Wed:      Hills and / or stairs plus short jog
Thurs     Yoga or Pilates
Fri          Speed run (5K)
Sat / Sun I usually take off.  I want to add cycling into my mix soon.

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