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Toe cramps?

I've been given a bunch of physiotherapy exercises to do, most of which are taken from Hathayoga. It's been far too long since I did yoga...but I notice that when I do stretches like the Cat and Cobra, or the Posture of a Child or Closed Leaf, my toes immediately cramp up. If I turn over, the cramping vanishes immediately.

I do warmups and stuff, but I still get the toe cramping whenever I'm lying on my front or on all fours. My toes like twist sidewise. It hurts!

What can I do? Am I missing a vitamin or something?

I get toe/foot cramps a lot, mostly in the summer when I'm wearing flip flops a lot.  I've been told to eat bananas - that just makes them worse.  So I'm of no help.


i heard more water


Try increasing both potassium and magnesium. You can also try stretching your feet. Start by sitting on the floor, taking a rolled up towel, putting it on your feet, grabbing both ends and gently putting pressure on the towel while flexing & unflexing your feet. Do both before and after starting to exercise. My niece that is a Dr. in Physical Therapy told me that one ;)b


I get these from running. I find that stretching my ankles and toes (!) helps a lot. To stretch my ankles I rotate the foot to the left, right, up, down, counterclockwise, clockwise, etc. For the toes, I manually flex them. Sounds weird, but works.


I remembered to massage my legs and feet before I get started, and did a few more stretches like "Rock the Baby". Thanks, girls.

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