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Vegan Headache Help!

Greetings Gang!
Newly Vegan here and I've been getting small headaches throughout the day. I've researched that some others who are new to being vegan get headaches too, yet they don't specify what causes them and what our bodies need to prevent them.
Any advice would help.

Thank you!

My first thought is that you may not be eating enough in general. Many people new to vegan diets simply don't consume enough calories! that's always why I get a headache if I ever do - it's when I need to eat something.

If you'd like, feel free to post a typical day or two's meal & I'll take a look at it.


Yeah, I know I get migraines if I get too hungry (supposedly it's one of the major triggers for a lot of people).  So I would guess that you just might not be getting enough calories, so make sure that if you are eating lots of salads or other low calorie stuff, bulk it up a little bit with some healthy fats.


I get headaches when I eat too much almonds. Also from too much manganese, which is in whole wheat and whole wheat bulgur.


Eat more substantial foods (like pasta), make sure you're fully hydrated because being dehydrated can cause headaches. Make sure you're getting enough sleep. Read up on the different foods that can cause headaches and migraines and try to see if you think any of those are effecting you.


Every time I "tighten" up my diet, and eat less processed foods and diet soda, I get what I call "withdrawal" headaches.  They last one or 2 days, and then it's over with. 


Just wanted to add a little bit more info on why almonds might be problematic:

"High calcium levels are generally associated with headaches, including migraines. Not surprisingly, most chronic headaches are associated with low magnesium and high calcium levels."

Almonds are very high in calcium oxalate.

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