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Sorry if there's a thread for this already...I searched and couldn't find one, though!

A thread on Food Fight got me wondering...
What kinds of vitamins/supplements does everyone take?

I am currently taking a vegan multi-vitamin, but I hate it. It's expensive, I have to take a lot of them, and they taste disgusting.  It's also only a multi-vitamin, not a multi-mineral.  I also have a really hard time swallowing pills, so they have to be chewable, and gluten free...and...*sigh*

Needless to say, most of the time I don't take anything.

What's your regimen?

I don't take anything. I'm supposed to be taking B100-complex and NAC 600 but that has nothing to do with being vegan. I've never had a problem with getting all of my nutrients from food.


I drink emergen-c every day, but I would do this anyways because it's so damn tasty. Reminds me of when my vitamins were chewable and equally delicious.

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