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Weight Problem

Hey guys, never written on here before, so I'd like to say hi to everyone before I begin.

Recently I've been reading alot about Veganism.Bought the book Vegan Freak a few weeks ago and I've been eliminating all the non-vegan foods from my diet.

I have a problem with weight though so I need some advice.
I'm unemployed right now and living at home so I don't have much money to work with.

My weight when I was in the gym, working out, eating the SAD diet was always hovering around 130.I struggled to keep the weight up because I'd be taking in large meals of steak, rice, eggs, protein shakes, and chicken.Once I stopped going to the gym(my membership expired)I dropped down dramatically because I was no longer working out at all and taking in as much food.
I think I was around 115 at the time.

After starting to go vegan I'm at 110.8.
It's crazy because I struggled so much to just get to 130 when I was going to the gym!
I'm starting to workout at home but I just don't understand where vegans get their calories from, it's driving me crazy.

I'm not very tall, probably 5'6, so I know I'm not suppost to be huge but I'm way too skinny right now!

Before anyone asks, my thyroid's normal the last time I checked with a nutritionist, had my blood work done, my metabolism's normal, etc.

My aim is to be in athletic shape, and at a healthy weight.

carbs... eat lots of grains, legumes, fruit!!!, etc.
if you aren't getting your calories from these things chances are you'll be eating too much fat and that's no good for athletics, anyway. what does a normal day look like for you at the moment? what foods do you have access to at home (for free?)?

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