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What does your work out regimen look like?

I got a book and started a new weight lifting work out regimin.  I am also now almost exclusevely vegan.  In the last month I have eatin non-vegan 3 times.  I started this work out last week.  Here is what it looks like.  I like it so far. I do:

Squats, body weight, 15 reps, 2 sets
Push ups - 45 degree angle - 15 reps - 2 sets
Dead lifts - bare bar - 15 reps - 2 sets
Dumbbell shoulder presses - 10 lbs each arm - 15 reps - 2 sets
Seated rows - 65 lbs - 15 reps - 2 sets
Lat Pulldowns - 35 lbs - 15 reps - 2 sets
step ups - holding 10lbs each barbells - 15 reps per leg - 2 sets each
walking lunges - holding 1 lb barbells each hand - 15 reps per let - 2 sets

And do 20 minutes of cardio, treadmill, level 13, hill setting, 3.0 mph.  

As time goes on I intend to increase weight, and the level of the treadmill will increase.  However, I only have time for 1 hour work outs, 3 days per week but in that time I get all this done.  I am still a full time working single mother, I still have to cook, clean, take care of my son, etc.  So fitting this in was a challenge, but it is working so far.  Last week I was sore after each work out but this week I am not at all and feel pretty good.  

Is there anything I am missing?

well, here's 93 pages of our workout routines:
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Wow, nice. You go grrl  :-)    I really can't see anything missing. Those exercises cover a lot of muscles.

Are you doing that whole workout each day? If so it might be a bit much. I don't know what your recovery period is but that workout 3 days per week would be quite a bit even for a 19 year old wrestling star. Over-exercising is extremely counter-productive and you'll hate it if it happens. Personally I would split that routine up into upper body and lower body and alternate routines on your 3 day per week schedule.

I am not a fitness trainer though. Do some research.

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