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Veggie Companies

What veggie company has done the most to make your life easier and better?  Share a story after you vote!

For convenience foods the brand I choose most often is probably Morningstar Farms, probably because it's been in the mainstream grocery store for years and was my first experience with veggie burgers.  I also eat Boca, Yves, Lightlife products occasionally. 

Props to Eden foods for making organic beans canned beans without salt, it's a stable in my house. 

I also like Alvarodo St. Bakery for sprouted grain bread, buns, etc., as well as Food for Life bread and pastas. Westbrae makes organic whole grain pasta that is good.  And Westsoy Unsweetened soymilk is my soy drink of choice.

I eat dairy and props to Horizon for making a fat free plalin organic yogurt, and Organic Valley for their low fat organic cottage cheese and eggs.


Good question, Robin! I voted for Fantastic Foods, because...speaking only for myself, it was the first company I encountered many, many years ago that made veg food easy and fast for me. All of the companies you listed deserve huge awards for making our lives easier and more delicious.


hehe we don't have any of them companies over here but I'm still alive and still vegan strangly enough! lol


I have to say Tofutti simply because the transition from dairy versions to soy was made simple and easy by them for me.

Each and every company has made an impact on me, Kiss My Face for soaps, Fantastic foods for Nature Burgers, Boca for 'sausage' links, MSF for chik patties, Litelife for Smart Bacon and Soy Balogna, and so on.


I said other & would vote for Follow Your Heart cuz of Vegenaise.

Earth Balance would win a close second.

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