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>:(  >:(  >:(

I am really agrivated at my daycare right now.  Pea-nut free facility!!!!!!   >:(  >:(   >:(

My son is 12 mo old, and so far, it is okay for me to bring in his lunch, and I do everyday.  Today is Friday, my fridge is running low on food, so I packed him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on home-made bread that has flax seed in it.  

Well I am already agrivated yesterday because he didn't like the vegan chili I sent with him, so they gave him a chicken quesadilla, they know I don't want him to eat  meat!  

Now today they won't let him eat his peanut butter and jelly sandwich...STUPID.  There is probably 1 kind in the entires state of NY with a peanut allergy and because of that no school can have peanuts..stupid stupid stupid!!   >:(  >:(  >:(   >:(

So he will probably either get a grilled cheese sandwich made with white bread today or something with meat, totally unhealthy.  (granted, I don't want him to go hungry, I would prefer him to eat meat rather than him go hungry, but I made this sandwich, cut it up into little bits and everything and they said he can't have it)

He is going to move up the next room (infant C for 12-18 mo olds) and I think in there I am going to say he is "allergic" to meat.  It is a lie, but it is really important to me for us to be vegetarian.  

Why don't you switch to almond butter or soynut butter or other nut butter? Noah had Soynut butter and jelly sandwiches for the first 3 years of his life.
Its best to wait to give babies peanut butter until they are 2 or 3 anyway.


Yeah see if you can use another nut butter instead.

Some people have very extreme allergies to peanuts in that even the smell of it will cause a reaction, so that's probably why they banned them. I'd still be pissed off if they gave my kid meat after I specifically asked them not to, go ahead and tell them he's allergic to it haha.


You can use religious reasons as well, which may be true depending on how you weave it.  But I'm appalled.  Our daycare is really good about making sure our little veghead always gets the vegetarian option.  I'd be furious if I were you, seriously.


1 - Look at the contract, if it says nothing about peanuts you have grounds to be VERY upset and should confront them about it. If it does, however, then you're outta luck that way.

2 - BUT if it does, you have leverage for your diet to be honored. Your son may not have an allergy, he does (more than likely) have a VERY strong possibility of developing an intolerance for meat (if not already).


You guys had some good suggestions.  The almond butter is a really good one.  I LOVE almond butter and don't buy it because it is expensive, but this gives me the perfect excuse. 

I did look at the contract and what it says is worse than not allowing peanut butter.  It says that we are not allowed to bring food to school...period...  So that means that they have been letting me bend the rules becuase we are vegetarian.  I am going to keep "bending" the rules until they tell me that I can't anymore.

As far as a meat intolerance, I haden't thought of that.  I looked it up on the internet and it said that a symptom is diarrhea.  About two weeks ago they gave him some meat at the daycare, I think it was was a chicken quasadilla.  He really liked it, but for two days after that he had diarrhea.  Ha ha, so now I have a medical excuse for him not to eat meat!!!  Thanks everybody. :)>>>


I would go in there and kick in some heads. How many times do you have to tell them your child is veg? MORONS i swear


Tell them it's against your religion to eat animal products ;)


Thank god i am with a really relaxed home daycare. They have to feed the kids all the same thing, and she only does so when she gets an inspection and feeds all the kids a veg meal. other than that River gets her own meal made for her. my daycare lady told me that i could go to the dr and have them sign a note saying that she is only able to eat a veg diet and that they would have to respect that. so there is another option...

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