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a great book for kids about being vegan

I just wanted to share this amazing book with you.  It's called That's Why We Don't Eat Animals and it is an excellent resource for older children to learn about the realities of factory farming vs. how animals are meant to naturally exist.  I recieved it as a gift at my baby shower but it probably won't be appropriate until my daughter is at least four years old.

I met the author when this book was first published. She was really nice and the book IS great! She has a sequel out, now. I have shown a couple pages to my 2 1/2 year old, but not the whole book. It's hard for me, living in Texas, to explain why there are cows everywhere to my son -- what do we need them for, really?


The illustrations are really superb. But some of the pages are a little dark and serious for small children.
Thanks for sharing your story!


OMG, now i want to put this book on my shower registry. Bwahaha. I can picture the looks on my families faces now! Haha. Guess Ill have to buy it myself. Thank you for the suggestion.


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