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Accommodating My Vegan Husband

So, this is my first time posting in any type of forum and I'm hoping this is something I can get some good feedback on. Here goes nothing!


My husband has been vegan for the past ten years and will be for the rest of his life. It's a decision that I fully support and understand although have not chose it for myself, which hasn't caused any major problems for him and I and don't see it becoming one in the future. 

But, I would be lying if it said that it hasn't made changes in my life ever since we got married and began living together. Before we got married whenever he took me on a dinner date he asked me where I wanted to go and i would always reply "You choose, I wouldn't want to pick a place that didn't have anything you could eat." and I always meant that sincerely and also because I really do like the majority of the vegan food that I've tried so it never seemed like much of a compromise. Once we started living together as expected most of the groceries bought were vegan, I only bought milk because my toddler loves it but even that didn't last long because he was diagnosed with lactose intolerance. Slowly but surely I found that I had adopted veganism by default. He stopped asking where I wanted to go for dinner, he stopped offering to buy non-vegan items when grocery shopping and seems to have forgotten altogether that I'm actually not vegan.

In all reality it really isn't that big of a deal and I'm sure I'm just overreacting but I guess I just wish that he would give me a little consideration every now and then when going out considering every meal I cook is vegan and I don't ever complain! Ugh, I just want a steak on occasion is that so much to ask?!

My husband is a meat eater but doesn't mind a lot of the vegan meals I make.  But he still likes to eat meat and will cook it for himself.  If I don't have to touch it I will even cook it for him.  We have been together for over 20 years so while some people may not like that I cook meat for my husband or may think I have compromised my beliefs I say I must be doing something right if we are still best friends & have made it this long.

I suggest buying and cooking what you want for yourself.  If you miss it and don't share the same beliefs as your husband it is still better to be honest than resent him for it.

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