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Easy Snickerdoodles

What you need: 

2 cups unbleached flour
2 tablespoons baking powder
cinnamon, to taste (I use a lot)
nutmeg, to taste (I use a lot, but less than cinnamon)
generous pinch ginger
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1/4 cup vanilla or plain nondairy milk (I use soy)

What you do: 

1. Set oven to 350 degrees F. Grease a cookie sheet. Mix together the dry ingredients in a large bowl. In a separate mixing bowl, mix the oil, sugars, vanilla, and milk.
2. Add the wet ingredients to the dry, mix well. If the dough seems too dry, add a bit more milk until cookie dough-like consistency. Shape into smallish balls, place on prepared cookie sheet.
3. Smoosh balls down into patties, as thick as you like your cookies to be (as these don't really spread out when baked). Sprinkle more cinnamon on top.
4. Bake for about 10-15 minutes, or until cookies are firm but not really brown. Raise oven temp to 450 degrees F, and bake for about 2 more minutes, until cookies are a little brown and the tops are hard to the touch (don't burn your fingers!).
5. Remove cookies from oven and put on a rack to cool.

Preparation Time: 
25 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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I've never had a 'real' snickerdoodle, and the only other recipe I've made is this one:
so these were quite different, but really really good in their own way.
I was surprised at how much they spread/grew, given the recipe said they wouldn't.
My oven is also a bit dicky so I was checking on them, and at ten minutes they were definitely still too sticky/uncooked, but by twelve they had burnt bottoms : /  Still, that's my oven, not the recipe, and my husband said they were still awesome, so I'm happy.


I needed a recipe for something sweet that required very little ingredients, since my cupboards were nearly bare and it was too late to go to the grocery (and just resisting my dessert craving was simply out of the question!)

These were very tasty, with a bit of modification. The large amount of baking powder weirded me out too, so I used just a little less than was called for. I also didn't have any brown sugar, so I just left that out since others have commented on them being too sweet. I used 1/4 tsp salt, and went easy on the nutmeg and ginger.

My dough came out way too dry as I was mixing it, so I added more soymilk until it held together again. Because of the extra liquid I ended up having to bake them more around 20 min since I hate baked goods with an undercooked doughy texture.  These aren't like the snickerdoodles you might find at Safeway or at your grandma's, but are very good in their own right and just what I needed for a late night snack.


Super tasty cookie! I followed the recipe almost exactly, I only had a 1/2 tbsp vanilla so I added 1/2 tbsp of almond extract I think it really added a nice flavor to them. Sprinkled cinnamon and sugar over top before baking and they came out perfect, really nice with a cup of tea.


So good! My non-vegan family loved them too! Thanks!


I've made these cookies probably a dozen times and they remain my absolute favorite. Even my non-vegan relatives and friends (read: everyone) love 'em. They are difficult to mess up and the result is delicious. Perfect for fall!


I used whole wheat flour because that is all I had in the house.  It still turned out really good.  Even my super picky six year old loves them.


These turned out really good. I tweaked the recipe a bit - used Earth Balance instead of the oil, replaced a little of the sugar with agave nectar to make up for the lack of wet ingredients without the oil, and I made them into little balls, rolled them in cinnamon sugar, and pressed them down a bit on the cookies sheet. I think when I make them again I'll reduce (or eliminate) the nutmeg because I'm not used to that in my snickerdoodles. But these are definitely a good vegan version!


I have made these cookies a few times now and I just love them. They are soft and chewy and a perfect amount of sweetness for my tastes. I never use the same amount of cinnamon or nutmeg when I make them-I just eyeball it- but i've never had them taste bad. I usually eat half a dozen or more whenever I make these! Totally addicting.


These were SO GOOD that my family made me make 2 batches in one day. The second time I had run out of vanilla so I threw in some maple syrup and that was different, and not very Snickerdoodly, but still really good! I also subbed 1/2 whole wheat flour, and 1/2 applesauce for oil.

As for the cinnamon and nutmeg controversy, I just threw in a lot until when I sniffed the batter it smelled right. The second time, I added more after everything was mixed because it didn't smell spicy enough. But I'm a very smell sensitive person, so this may not work for everyone ::)


I haven't tried this recipe but wanted to suggest some measurements for the cinnamon and nutmeg. I don't actually mix the cinnamon in to my own recipe (I'll try to post it sometime in the near future...not enough time right now) but instead, mix 1/8 C vegan sugar (note that this is separate from the sugar that you use in the batter) with 1/2 t. cinnamon in a separate cup and then sprinkle 1/8 t. on each cookie and then bake. I don't particularly like nutmeg because it can, like one person said, taste bitter. If you know that you like nutmeg then you could certainly add it to the cinnamon/sugar recipe but only add a bit. I would say, 1/8 t. and then taste it. Personally I'd add even less than that simply because I don't particularly care for it.

If you add a ton of cinnamon and nutmeg then they will, like one person mentioned, taste more like gingersnaps.

HTH!  ;)b



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