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"Peanut Butter Cup" Bars

What you need: 

1 package vegan graham crackers (about 9 crackers), crushed into small crumbs
2 cups powdered sugar
1 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup vegan margarine, softened
1 cup vegan chocolate chips
1 teaspoon oil

What you do: 

1. In a bowl, thoroughly mix together graham cracker crumbs, powdered sugar, peanut butter, and margarine.
2. Spread the mixture onto the bottom of a 9x13" pan. In a small microwave-safe bowl, combine the chocolate chips and oil, and microwave for 30 seconds.
3. Mix the chocolate and continue to microwave at 10 second intervals until the chocolate is creamy and spreadable.
4. Spread the chocolate over the peanut butter mixture and place the pan into the refrigerator until the chocolate has hardened.
Source of recipe: My sister made these a while back, and they are amazing!

Preparation Time: 
15 minutes
Cooking Time: 
Recipe Category: 


Finding vegan food that my husband will eat is very difficult but I made these and he just raved! They were so delicious! You can bet that I'm making these again!  ;)b


These were really, really yummy and tasted just like reeses peanut butter cups! My husband said he would rather eat them with white chocolate, so I will be making them again soon. Everyone needs to try these!


I really shouldn't have looked at this recipe. As soon as I saw it, I demanded that they be made. I never used to be that huge of a fan of peanut butter and chocolate (it was okay, but never my favourite), but ever since I had my daughter last November, I can't get enough of the stuff! :P
Anyway, I made some, and used some suggestions that people offered. They were FANTASTIC!! Not exactly like Reece's, but close enough that it makes me not have to worry about wanting to buy it ever again :P
I also melted my chocolate on the stove, added a little soymilk because it clumped up pretty weird. Added a bit of vanilla extract to it (which I won't do next time, to see if it tastes more like Reece's). I used 1-1/2 cups of powdered sugar, and ended up having to use 2 cups chocolate chips. For some reason, the chocolate wouldn't spread very well overtop. But it was a nice thick layer of chocolate, so I didn't mind ;)
I also used a 9x9 pan. They weren't super thick, but I wouldn't use a 9x13 until you like REALLY thin bars. I cut mine 4 lines down one side, 5 down the other, and it was perfect.
I am DEFINITELY going to make again, and I encourage others to too!


I made these twice. The first time, I used cinnamon graham crackers and Trader Joe's chocolate chips. These were the BEST!!! The second time, I used regular butter instead of vegan margarine and Ghiradeli chocolate chips. I'm not sure which substitution wasn't a great idea, but the second batch just wasn't as delicious as the first. I also doubled the chocolate + oil recommendation to give a thicker layer. EVERYONE loved these!!!  ;)b


My husband named this diabetes pie.  I probably shouldn't have put it in a graham cracker pie shell and cut into large pie-sized servings.  Eat in very small portions only!  Delish!


By the way. I did make this, and it AMAZING! Everyone that tried it loved it, and now my roomate and I just made a batch together! Bonding!!!


Definitely what I was craving this weekend in the sweets category.  Who doesn't like chocolate and PB?  The graham crackers added a really nice element to this.  Mine came out a little buttery tasting, but I think that's because I didn't use enough graham crackers and PB (I tend not to measure when my sweet tooth is calling).  Also, I used a 9x9 inch pan vs. a 13x9.  I prefer thicker cuts.  I think the size was just right in the 9x9 and think they would've been too thin in anything bigger.  I threw these in the freezer to set them up faster, and they were done in approx. 30 minutes.  Yum Yum!


Oh, and butter (EB, of course) your pan and press a sheet of parchment paper down on top of the butter.  Makes it much easier to take the whole thing out of the pan and cut!


Let me just start by sayin OMG!  :)>>>

I never say OMG, but OMG!

These were more than amazing.  There are no words to describe how good these are except for "Reese's"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before turning vegan 3 yrs ago, all I ate was Reeses.  No really, thats about all I ever! 

Needless to say I have been searching long and hard for something like Reeses, and this isn't like Reese's, I swear it is Reese's but Vegan.  ;)b ;)b ;)b

I do have to say it took me 2 try's to get it right though.  The first time I made the mistake of doing all of the ingredients except the chocolate for the top in the food processor, which made the butter too warm and it lost its integrity and didn't form up.


The second time I used the food processor JUST for the graham crackers.  I used 1.5 cups powdered sugar and butter that was a bit COLDER than room temperature.  I HAND mixed ALL ingredients.  Then did the chocolate topping.  Refridge overnight (I keep mine in the fridge).  The night you make them they are great but the next morning THEY ARE REESE'S!!!!! 
:)>>> :)>>> :)>>>

Take it from former Reese's obsessed me, these are PERFECT!!!!!!!!  ;)b ;)b ;)b ;)b 


and sorry for the novel...  ::)


I tried these, using about 1.5 cups of confectionary sugar and melting the chocolate on the stove. They were AMAZING. I can't stop noming on them. =p For crushing the graham crackers, I used a potato masher. Worked out great!



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