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did you answer the recipe box question? i had millions saved and REALLY MISS THEM :( but it looks beautiful! great job!
i ate the whole head of cauliflower in one sitting!  need i say more??

my reccomendations...

only use 1tbsp sugar... add more to taste if needed
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I can't believe that no one has reviewed this recipe before!  It was a party in my mouth!!!  I really loved the Naan/pizza crust and spinach sauce.  Next time though I will do garl
i was looking for a chocolate-banana waffle recipe and POOF there this was!  well, i tried it, and it is wonderful!  I topped it off with strawberries and a banana cream topping...
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I LOVE THIS SALAD!  Took to a work potluck and it got rave reviews...  Gave the recipe out to several people and they make this regularly as well :)
This has become a staple for me..  I can't get enough cauliflower or anything that's "indian" flavored..  I usually use tomato paste instead of ketchup and add water..&nb
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simple and soooo yummy!  added a smidge of vanilla : )