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Bonjour from France!

Hi there!

I had an e mail with a link to this site, not sure how it arrived but as last week it was National Vegetarian week in the UK I was posting a lot of links on my FB page!

I`m not Vegan, is that ok? Just a Vegetarian! I live in southern France with my 3 sons and hubby! Been here for 17 years and a Vegetarian for 21 years! The French, bless them, find it very hard to understand what Vegetarian means! "Oh but you eat fish?" is what we usually hear when eating out, which we rarely do, apart from our friends Vegetarian restaurant! 

I grow as much food as I can and when the garden is empty I buy from the local market. I am very concerned about "food miles".

I have lots of great recipes and will try to share them.

Hi Lizzie! I lived in Paris for 12 years until we moved to Vienna, about 5 years ago. When back in Paris last week, I saw a lot of fabulous vegan and vegetarian restaurants! I was shocked (pleasantly)! My take is that veganism is trending world wide. We have a couple of great vegan spots even here in sleepy Vienna! And yes, friends prepared a great dinner for us, but didn't realize scallops and cream were not part of the picture.  We do the best we can.

I am cooking vegan for us because it seems to be something positive I can do to help my husband fight his cancer. Takes time and love. I can find the time. I have the love.


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Lizzie, I would love to check our your recipes. Let me know :)



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