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I want to know about the challenges you face as a vegetarian/vegan

Hi there! I am a researcher interested in the social experiences of being a vegetarian and/or vegan. I would like to invite any vegetarians and/or vegans to participate in my study. All of the information is below.

Survey: We want to know about your experiences as a vegetarian/vegan!
The Brock University Laboratory of Intergroup Processes (, Principal Investigator Dr. Gordon Hodson, is seeking vegetarian and/or vegan participants to complete a survey examining the challenges that vegetarians/vegans may face (e.g., potential concerns about disclosing vegetarianism; discrimination by others). The study will take about 10 minutes of your time and you can enter a draw to win $50. Go to: OR email

I can't decide which vegan food to eat because all of them are so delicious.

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