!veganmegan! added a comment on the recipe Creamy Penne with Spinach & Tomatoes:
:-[ this recipe looks so delicious and I really wanted to try it. I don't know why but mine did not turn out as fabulous as everyone elses.
!veganmegan! added a comment on the recipe Grilled Avocado Sandwich:
so good! I made it with vegan butter and veganaise on Daves Killer Bread. mmmm sooo yummy. I think next time I will try it on sourdough that sounds like it would be super good. I also used maters.
It says to use  4 1/2 teaspoons Ener-G Egg Replacer powder. Do we not put  the water for the "eggs" as well as the 6 table spoons already on the recipe list?
!veganmegan! added a comment on the recipe Chick'n Bake:
I was not a fan of this recipe!! I mad the filling and ate it while it was cooking and that tasted good...but then after it came out of the oven it was sooo salty and my dough was tough.
!veganmegan! added a comment on the recipe Baked Potato Patties:
sorry this is probably a stupid question because no one has asked it but do you cook the potatoes before grating them?
!veganmegan! added a comment on the recipe Coconut Rice:
I love this! I made it exactly as was written and wouldn't change a thing. I didn't feel the need to add salt and pepper as I used all broth and thought it had plenty of flavor!
!veganmegan! added a comment on the recipe Spicy Cilantro White Bean Dip :
DELICIOUS! I did make it without cilantro though...cause I'm not a fan.