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Ani's Raw Food Desserts

Does anyone else have this book?  I loved Ani's Raw Food Kitchen, so I picked this one up too. 

I made the lemon pudding filled coconut cupcakes, are they good!!  I'm gonna try my luck with the breakfast toast tomorrow...

dang.  cupcakes??!  awesome.  i love her other book as well.


I've made the "breakfast toast" about a dozen times now, and it always turns out great.  I don't own a dehydrator, but I do have a gas oven that stays warm because of the pilot light.  I usually put it in there around 8-9 pm and leave it overnight, then flip it  in the morning before I go to work -- when I get home, it's done!  I've tried different combos of dried fruit, and I've also made it with vanilla extract and a dash of cinnamon.  I love eating a big piece smothered with almond butter as a post workout snack!


I just bought this book not too long ago and I love how quick and easy all the recipes look! After a leisurely read-through, the plan was to make Lemon Kreamsicles first, but then I happened to buy a beautiful ripe pineapple on sale when I went grocery shopping, so now I'm thinking Pineapple Icebox Dessert. Or maybe I'll make both! I am also looking forward to trying several of the cookie recipes, especially the Pecan Pie Cookies and the Cherry Brownie Hearts. Yay for no dehydrator!


I don't own a dehydrator, but I do have a gas oven that stays warm because of the pilot light.

Oh my goodness!  What a great idea!  I could almost kick myself for not thinking of that...  Thanks for the tip.

This definitely sounds like a book I need to pick up, too!


Yesterday, I made the Spiced Blueberry Cobbler on page 93. It was delicious and so quick and easy! Simply combine the four topping ingredients in the food processor, sprinkle over fresh blueberries, and serve. Yummy!

Leftovers make a divine breakfast served atop a sliced banana.  :)

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