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Raw Food Made Easy - Anyone Have This Recipe Book?

Anyone else have this book - opinions on this book?  Any other raw books you can suggest?   I made the Walnut Pate "Meatballs" with Marinara Sauce.  I found the walnut balls to be way too salty.  I used Bragg's Liquid Aminos instead of Tamari. Is Bragg's saltier than Tamari?   I don't know, but I had to add some other stuff to make them edible.  I found the marinara to be too plain and had to add a lot to that also.  I think it is a good base recipe though.  I sprinkled nutritional yeast on top.  Anyone know if NY is considered raw?

Here is a photo for your viewing enjoyment.


i don't think NY is considred raw, but i know a few raw books use it since it is a "condiment" vs. more "food" (like how they will use spices).

i almost got this book, but got fresh instead. RFME had some bad reviews online. i guess some of the recipes are for "crushed garlic" or "carrot juice" which are like "crush garlic with knife"/"juice the carrots". sounds pretty lame. hah ha. but the food pics in it looked good! i might try to get it from the library.

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