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VCTOTW typos...

no wonder some of my cupcakes didnt turn out!
im going to have to edit the whole book now!  ???

that's funny......when I read the book (I always read a cook book cover to cover) I noticed a TON of typos and things that didn't make sense. I encounter this with almost everything I read! VCTOTW was especially bad though. Thanks for sharing!


Ha, I just got it and made the Apple Cider Cupcakes and didn't even notice the typo.   ::)  

That's a lot of typos!  Looks like they need to edit better before publishing next time.

Thanks Lucid Ann!


What ever happened to proofreading?? :o

You can't let Microsoft do it all. My grammar check just told me the word "that" is feminine. Really!


i wonder if it has anything to do w/ the edition of the book b/c it seems that the errors vary.
i think mine is first printing.

interesting too, that it is printed in china.  ???

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