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Dreams and ex's....

For the last couple of months I keep on having a dream that I'm having sex with my ex boyfriend. As you know you can't really control your dreams and it just keeps on happening no matter what I do. Do you think this means that I want to be back with him?  :-\

yeah.. i was in a 5 and a half year relationship, so in addition to the above reasons i kinda just really like being single and not feeling like i have answer to anybody.  i know i'm capable of committing but i don't know if i really want to yet.  (even though i'm almost 30 and should grow up already and just figure all this shit out..)  getting old sucks!

Aw, we are so similar. We so need to do lunch! What are you doing today?

In the words of Rihanna,

Just live ya life
Ayyyayyy ayyayyy ayayyyy
No tellin' where it'll take yahhh

Thats our girl, KMK, that's our girl!



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