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Years of curiosity- question to all vegans

For three years now my friends and I have been horribly curious about this one question "do vegans give head?" I know this may sound crude, but our curiosity is no joke. We see sperm similar to eggs, and if giving head you swallow, t he consumption is to similar to not be curious. And one final question: as a vegan do you tend to be pro-choice or pro-life with the issue of abortion.
If you choose to answer this, thank you so much for your honesty. It'll finally end a long curiosity.


OK, someone owes me screen wipes!!  There is now earl grey all over my monitor!


Oh my god, I've never thought about this before. I don't think it's non-vegan to breast feed as a baby, I don't think it's non-vegan to swallow human sperm either ha ha. Cow sperm may be a different story though....


I just went through this entire thread again.  It brought the lolz.  I forgot about that alien pic.


My boyfriend jokes that it means I'm not.  I told him if giving head isn't vegan I can't do it anymore.  So we've concluded that it is



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