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How to GAIN weight & maintain while being vegan?

My husband and I became vegans a couple months ago and I want to lose weight and he doesn't have much weight to lose.  And of course, I've lost 1 pound and he has lost about 15!

Now my weight loss (or lack thereof) can be fixed by watching my diet.  Live and learn, right?  More veggies, fewer wheat thins, got it!  :)

What I'm more worried about is if his weight continues to drop, he's gonna look anorexic!  He's already thin, just wants to tighten up a couple trouble spots.

So my question is: how can my husband gain back 10-15 pounds and maintain it?  Are there high calorie supplements we could add to a smoothie or meal to help?

He's one of those people who doesn't eat during the day and has an active job, so I'm trying to find ways to get him to eat breakfast and lunch to minimize the weight loss.  I'd like to do this with food, not chemicals.  I keep a jug of cashews in the house for fat, any other suggestions?

Here are a couple other threads that might help a bit:


Add whole avocado to salad, drink soymilk instead of water or diet soda, include lots of tofu tempeh and other veg protein at meals. smoothies and oatmeal are easy to bulk up. for smoothies use: soymilk, yogurt, fruit, flax seed and even nut butters (try cashew butter and strawberry or pb and banana). For oatmeal anything goes: dried fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, coconut shreds, flax seed. Try adding amaranth and quinoa to oatmeals, quick breads, muffins and soups.

It sounds like the addition of lunch would help him, and maybe a snack or two. Otherwise he'll be eating some large meals.


You can try making snack bars for him to eat during the day.  They are easy to carry and fast to eat.  Load them up with nuts, seeds, and dried fruit.


I read a lot about smaller meals more often.

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