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Step aerobics success

Started the year with a year-long goal. To get to my ideal body weight of 157 pounds ( 71 kg ) for my height and age.

Since December 31, 2010, I've religiously exercised a minimum of 60 minutes a day of step aerobics and certain yoga moves.

The sixty minutes are split into three twenty-minute periods.

About 1600 steps per period and 100 calories used.

I have a severely damaged right knee so I cannot run, power walk, jog, like I used to.

Needless to say, I have lost nearly 30 pounds total so far.

The calculation may be off a pound or two depending on the day but so far so good.

I've also religiously been watching the calorie numbers as well.

Trying to balance the intake and energy conversion.

Anyone else doing the same or similar low-impact exercises?

That's fantastic...Keep up the great work ;)b As soon as my broken toe heals, plan on getting over being a couch potatoe ;)


wow! that awesome! congrats! i either run or dance for my exercise, but lately my achilles tendon has been hurting, so maybe i'll try step aerobics!


Congrats to you!  I prefer low impact for almost all exercise.  I have DVD's and my fav low impact are my stability ball workouts and dance and some Denise Austin (easy, quick and fun).

Good for you!

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