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What's your favorite raw food book?

I got Rawsome on interlibrary loan but I'm looking to read some others.  The Raw Food Detox Diet is next on my list to request.  What books did you guys enjoy reading?  And do you have a favorite un-cookbook?

i really enjoy the flavors and meals that come from 'raw food real world', as well there are many interesting articles and notes 2 keep you educated and in the real world. however you have 2 thoroughly read the recipes 2 know whether or not you need a dehydrator or a food processor etc. whereas 'rawvolution' (which also has amazing recipes- i just prefer the flavors of the aformentioned) is much more user friendly with little icons at the beginning of each recipe letting you know just exactly what appliance you'll need, and even a # rating system 1-3 for preparation difficulty. i would say go for the one you feel most comfortable with. i also have another book called just plainly 'raw' but the recipes and even attitude of the book are a little too fancy and high class for me. ive never made a single recipe from it! just be forewarned, in case u hav no idea, a raw foodist NEEDS a high powered blender like a vitamix, a food processor of sum kind, and a dehydrator with a thermometer (if you plan on eating any thing dehydrated). god bless and good luck finding everything youll need  :)

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