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Ovo-lacto nursing mama wanting to go vegan....

I am newly re-commited to my ovo-lacto vegetarian diet but am starting to have a hard time stomaching the thought of the treatment of the animals that provide our eggs and dairy.  I am seriously considering going fully vegan. Can anyone give me an idea of what to make sure to keep in my diet? We do child led weaning so I may be nursing for awhile ;)b

We have been planning on raising our own chickens for eggs so eventually I may add our own fresh eggs back into my diet.

A lot of us on here nursed as vegans. No problem. Just eat a wide variety of healthy foods, drink a lot of water/liquids. Basically the same. I mean, its not like eggs and dairy are giving you some super nutrients. There are lots of other calcium/zinc rich foods. Good luck and good on you!

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