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Any Other Single Vegans Here?

I'll tell ya....

Life can be hard, when you're a vegan, and single....

Personally, I could share my life with someone who ate animal products. And there's so few of us out there. I can count on one hand the women I've dated in the last 10-15 years....

Any other single vegans out there? Share your stories!!!

Single and newly vegan! :) haha, although i haven't been a vegan for very long, i'm absolutely loving it, and therefore feel like dating someone with the same views as me would make things incredibly easier. I'll admit that my standards are probably too high, and if i met an omni that totally supported my decision no matter what, i wouldn't let his diet affect it. the key is mutual respect and understanding for each other's beliefs. and while it would be perfect if he were also veg, it's not a huge deal breaker. :)


I agree with both viewpoints:  being in a vegan/vegan or a vegan/non-vegan relationship are both ok.

Mutual respect in relationships is the important thing.  In a relationship where there are differences in lifestyle (for example – vegan/non-vegan) if there isn’t mutual respect about the difference, I can imagine that there will be conflict.  If there is mutual respect, it will take more effort to work out a joint lifestyle.


Im single as well and honestly I don't see being vegan an issue in my love life. I am able to cook all types of food (including meat) and so that is not the issue. I think its more of the men being freaked out by it, especially if they love being a carnivore. I think a lot of people have a misconception of veganism. It isn't all tofu and salads.


Single, holla! But semi falling for a straight up carnivore. GASP. When we go grocery shopping, my cart is all fruits, vegetables and brown rice pasta and his is meat, cheese, BACONBACONBACON, and eggs. My attempt at a pick up line? "We would make a great meal." ...awkkk haha.



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