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Joshua's Whole Wheat Bread

What you need: 

6 cups whole wheat flour
1/3 cup brown sugar
1 Tablespoon salt
5 teaspoons dry yeast
3 1/4 cups warm water
2/3 cups raisins or dates (optional)

What you do: 

Note: This vegan bread does not get kneaded- it is super easy for all you bread challenged cooks out there ;)
In a large bowl mix all the dry ingredients together (along with the fruit, if you are using it). Add the water and beat the mixture to make a nice thick batter.
Pour it into 2 greased loaf pans and smooth out the tops. Cover the pans with greased plastic wrap and let it rise until doubled in volume. Bake at 400* for about 45 minutes or until a cake tester comes out clean.
Remove from the pans and cool on a rack before slicing.
My son Joshua can't get enough of this vegan bread!!!!

Preparation Time: 
1 hour
Cooking Time: 
Recipe Category: 


This turned out terribly for me.  ???

I did do one thing differently, though it should not have made a difference:  I subtracted 1/2 c of water from the 3 1/4 c to let the yeast rise.  After it rose, I added it back to the flour mixture with the remaining 2 3/4 c water.  I ended up needing to add an additional 1/2 cup in the end, though.  I formed my recipe into rolls.  When they came out of the oven they were tough on the outside and chewy, dense, and underdone on the inside.
I was really embarrassed when they hit the Thanksgiving table.  Afterwords I was able to figure out what I did wrong:  let them rise too long, and did not knead them enough.  Which, apparently it needs.  This recipe probably can turn out well, but I'd definitely recommend visiting this bread-making site first:


How do you make rolls with this? Do you just shape them into rolls and put them onto a greased cookie sheet? Can you put them in muffin tins?

This recipe looks really good, and I would love to try it, except I need dinner rolls, not a loaf.

Thanks to anybody that could answer this question.


this is the best recipe! i've made it a few times- the first i followed the directions to the T and was disapointed when it didn't rise as well as i would have liked. the past few times i have added 1 1/2 tbs yeast and it has come out perfect. also, i knead it a bit but it's no biggie. i have a 2 year old who simply can't get enough.

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