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White Cake

What you need: 

1 1/2 cups white unbleached flour
3/4 cup pure maple syrup
2 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
3/4 cup soy milk
2 teaspoon vanilla extact
1/4 cup oil
1 Tablespoon arrowroot powder + 1 Tablespoon water = mix well

What you do: 

Preheat oven to 350 F. Oil 8x9cake pan or muffin tins.
Stir together dry ingredients, set aside.
Blend liquid ingredients, and add to dry mixture. Beat well with a whisk or about a minute. Pour into prepared pans and bake.
8x9 pan = 25-30 minutes - Cupcakes 15-20 bakes very quickly! (Its done when a tooth pick inserted in the center comes out clean.)

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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Thius recipe is great - I added some lemon extract and lemon zest and made awesome lemon cupcakes!  this is my new failsafe basic cake recipe.  I made a simple "buttercream" icing with toasted coconut ummmmmmmmmmm A+


Made cupcakes for a bunch of omnis; this was the first vegan cake recipe I've made that wasn't an inedible disaster.  The maple flavor was really good, and they were generally well-received.  Still, I want a cake that people can't believe is vegan and I'm not sure this fits the bill.  I probably overmixed, but it was drier and a bit tougher than I wanted.  I will try it again - I really thought it was tasty.  (Fill muffin tins 3/4 of the way full.)


I love cake decorating & I love penguins so I must say this is the besrt thing I've seen in a while!!! Fabulous job! ;D Viva la vegan!


K, I've neither tasted nor made this recipe... but I just had to mention, that cake is adorable! I love the penguins.  :D


I made this cake the first time to make a cake just for fun with a friend, but it turned out so great that I used it again when my friend asked me to make her a cake for her graduation party. It is so moist and easy to work with when icing and decorating it. At the party, a bunch of people tracked me down to tell me it was the best cake they've ever had -- and they didn't even know it was vegan!

The picture I submitted was taken after the icing and poor penguins had melted a bit. The humidity was terrible .. but of course the cake kept its great taste!



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