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Hello all!  I'm a vegan in the middle of Texas.  Breast cancer made me do it.  Before, I was just a vegetarian in Texas, which is only slightly less strange.  Just now found this site looking for resources, recipes, and all that, and I see it's a WHOLE THING.  Like, with a community board and all.  So, hello.  Nice to meet you.    

Hello, Cynematical! And, welcome!

Lovin' all the Texans on this forum lately! I am also originally from Texas, and remember when I popped into Dessery Gallery bakery (if you're familiar with Houston) and asked what vegan cookies or cupcakes they had on hand. Her answer? A raised eyebrow "What's vegan?" 

It was a lot of fun telling her all about the dairy- and egg-free treats they could be making. I hope they now offer some!

Also, if you happen to be in Houston, I found the most scrumptious vegan snickerdoodles at Mary's Gluten-Free Bakery near Spring! Hope Mary's still baking!

Be sure to share your great vegan Texas finds/eats!!


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