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Fabulous Shmeetballs

What you need: 

sausage-style shmeet (I recommend GimmeLean brand)
one clove garlic, minced
half a large onion, finely chopped
a handful of white mushrooms, also finely chopped
peanut sauce (this is my favorite, but any sauce to your liking works)
olive oil (for the pan)
oregano to taste

What you do: 

First of all, make sure that your veggies (especially the mushrooms) are finely chopped, otherwise it will be all shmeet and no balls.
In a large bowl, mix everything but the sauce (peanut or otherwise) in a large bowl. This is best done with your hands. I know its kinda sticky and gross, but you're going to have to roll em into balls anyhoo, so go ahead and get dirty.
Once you're sure its all well dispersed, you can start rolling them into balls. Whatever size you like is fine, but just remember that the bigger you make them, the longer they will have to cook, because gooey-on-the-inside shmeetballs don't hold much charm (and I'm telling you this from experience). I roll them into about 1/2 to 1 balls. For a minimum amount of dishes to wash, place them directly into the pan (iron skillets are the best, but any large frying pan will do). You might have to make two batches, or save the extra for another day.
Once they're all cozy in the pan, throw some olive oil in there and fire up the stove at medium high. They might stick a tiny bit at first, but once you are able to roll them around in the pan, go ahead and sprinkle on some oregano, basil, and/or whatever else strikes your fancy.
Then dollop on your sauce. Curry paste, pepper sauce, spicy mustard, and pasta sauce are also great choices. Dont worry if its not all over in the pan, once those balls get rolling it should even out. Finish cooking to your liking, I like mine pretty dark brown. You know that perfect hue that comes right before burnt? Hard to catch but rewarding when you do.
You can serve these as appetizers with toothpicks, over rice, spaghetti, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

Preparation Time: 
15 minutes
Cooking Time: 
Recipe Category: 


Wow! These were really good. Will absolutely make again!

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