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Dating a meat eater - wants to get more serious

So I know people have posted about this before, so perhaps this is more to vent then anything, as I've read through tons of advice you all have given others, but I've been dating a girl for 1.5 years.  I've been a vegetarian for 20+ years and its an important part of my identity.  I told her when we were like 2-3 months into dating that long term, her not being a vegetarian was an issue for me as if I had kids I planned on them being raised vegetarian and I have ethical problems with meat.  She has been supportive, informing her family of my vegetarianism, etc. so I've never had a problem with her "forcing" dead animal upon me.  In fact, she did a 1 month vegan challenge with me that was her suggestion (I do have dairy from time to time and don't consider myself a vegan, just a lacto-ovo-vegetarian), so I can't say she isn't supportive.  We've recently discussed moving in together a little bit, and I did communicate that the non-vegetarian thing is a problem as when I buy my own place, it will be meat free.  I started thinking and realized that I have issues with buying her dinner when she orders a steak (I ultimately end up supporting an industry I have long opposed); kissing her after she eats meat and ultimately, it'd be a huge point on contention between us long term.  Generally, I believe in compromise; however this is a tough one to swallow (no pun intended).  I resolved after my previous relationship that I wouldn't date someone who wasn't a vegetarian as it is difficult to do; I broke that resolution and now feel a bit stuck.

Anyone who has dealt with something similar, I'm all ears for advice and/or ranting!

Hi! It´s hard to date a meateater, i had tried many times but now when am over 40 I understand that it´s never gonna work out. I think is always going to be a issue if you feel it from the start, because of your feelings your trying to ignore that they just had eaten meat but it´s bothering you. Older I get i think it´s harder to be with  a meateater, just going out eating, having kids etc..Think you can compromise in a relationship with many things but i think this goes to deep, like you write that it´s your identity!...friends- YES, Lovers-NO

Hope you have found the right one for you! :)

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