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Almond Butter

What you need: 

whole raw almonds
salt, optional

What you do: 

** Of course, this may also be made using the humble peanut and very good it is too.
Using no oil, toast the almonds in the oven, stirring every few minutes, until beginning to change color. Cool.
Place in a food processor and grind until very fine. Continue to process until the almonds begin to release their oil, resting the motor from time to time. Process until oily and smooth. Store in an airtight jar. * Dont be tempted to think the oil will not release. I assure you it WILL happen.

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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Fantastic!  I'd tried almond butter in the vita mix before and it never got creamy.  Did this in my food processor and it turned out terrific!  Didn't take much time at all or many nuts.  I didn't take the skins off either and you can't even tell.  Thanks for this terrific recipe  ;)b ;)b


I  used  $ 7  of  raw  cashews ,  and got back 14 oz. of nut butter. It's about  an even wash , compared with the store.


This is such a great idea.  Nut butters are expensive and not always worth it.  This way you can make just the amount you want, as salty or as sweet as you want.  I used cashews, but am totally going to use all different kinds of nuts per my whims from now on.  I wasn't sure exactly what consistancy I would get, when I got to the hard ball spinning around in the food processor I thought it was done, it was kinda like hard peanut butter, so I put it in a bowl and mashed a little maple syrup in it to try and smooth it out.  Then I read hopfrog's review-- so glad I did, I put the not quite creamy butter back into the food processor for another few minutes and it got really creamy and smooth.  Now if I only had some bread and some raisins for sandwiches :)


i started this and realized i was supposed to toast the almonds, but it was too late...well first i tried my vitamix, and that was completely worthless!! it couldnt even spin the almond i stuck them in my food processer, which was much better. well i processed them for like 45 minutes, and no almond butter, but i a realllyyy thick and greasy almond paste...sooo i added 3 scoops of chocolate protein powder, some soymilk, and flax seed and voila! un-nutella!! its actually pretty smooth and fantastic!
but next time i try this i am definitely roasting my almonds, i feel like that will make all of the difference


Very nice, but kinda strong if you leave the skins on the almonds. I'm gonna try and rub them off next time, after I've toasted and cooled them. I think this will make the flavour more mellow, and I know it would make the colour nicer... unfortunately my AB ended up rather brown. It kinda looked like crap on toast. :lol: I will definitely make this again.


My grandmother always sends me pounds of hazlenuts every year that I can barely use up before the next batch comes. With this recipe I've made some beautiful hazlenut butter.

I agree with the reviewer who talks about the stages. First, the nuts get crumbly like a powder. In my Kitchenaid food processor, this stage lasts about 5 minutes. Then, the nuts start to cling to the side of the food processor and I have to stop every twenty seconds or so to scrape it down. After another 5 minutes or so, the nut butter is really pasty and smooth, but not exactly spreadable because it is very "dry." At this point, I was tempted to think the butter was done and take it out, but I kept going. After another 2 or 3 minutes, the butter starts to get droplets of oil all over it, making it very shiny and oily in addition to smooth. The mixture is no longer "dry."  I let the food processor go for another 5 minutes to get it as creamy as possible.

Even starting with untoasted, raw nuts, I'm not sure how "raw" the final product can be because the process produces a tremendous amount of frictional heat. I could even feel the heat on my face as it rose up out of the bowl. I'd have to measure the temperature to know for sure, maybe I'll do that next time (raw foodists consider a food no longer raw if rises above 110 degrees F, right?) 


I also toasted my almonds on the stove, rather than in the oven. Much quicker this way. Thank you for this recipe adagio. It is so tasty & creamy. Next time, I am experimenting with hazelnuts & cocoa powder to try to make a nutella type spread. I think that would be very good too.

I almost blew the motor in my food processor making this ??? I was a little too impatient & didn't let it rest long enough in between pulsing. It stopped spinning & I saw a little puff of smoke  :'( OH NO...I've killed it  :'( I let it cool completely & put it all back together, held my breath & crossed my fingers as I turned it on. I am happy to report that it was a transient attack & not a full blown arrest.  ;D

Soooo....long post short....if you love your processor as much as I love mine, don't let it run too long & make sure it is cool to the touch when you begin processing again.


I finally made the almond butter last night, and it was delicious! Instead of toasting the almonds in the oven (it was way to hot to have the oven on) I instead toasted them ontop of the stove. It is easier to keep an eye on the almonds so that they don't burn. It only took about 3 1/2 minutes to get all of my almonds toasted. I can't wait to try this with pecans and other nuts!! :)>>>


I may have toasted the almonds too long (10 mins at 350) because they kind of started cracking...but then I tasted one, and proceeded to eat about a quarter of them cause they were so yummy. Then while processing away they kept getting packed along the outside, so I was having to stop every few seconds and scrape down. I decided the nut powder was tasty enough without being a butter...mmm.



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